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About us

Your health our priority

Hassan Boubrik

General director

Word from the general director

Since their foundation, Addaman Polyclinics have established themselves as a bastion of medical excellence in Morocco. Our unwavering commitment to providing superior, reliable and accessible healthcare to all Moroccan citizens has shaped our identity for more than four decades. This consistency in high standards has cemented our reputation among both patients and healthcare professionals, who recognize and share our fundamental values. This synergy has been instrumental in establishing our unique position within the national health system.

“Your health, our priority” is not just a slogan; it is the star that guides each of our daily actions and decisions. At the dawn of the generalization of health coverage, a laudable initiative of His Majesty the King, may God support him, we are more determined than ever to contribute effectively to this national-scale project, which will play a crucial role in the improvement of the care of Moroccan patients.

In conclusion, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our dedicated collaborators, these exceptional women and men who work every day to ensure that the Addaman Polyclinics remain a haven of excellence and trust. I would also like to thank our loyal partners, who have supported us since our beginnings in our essential mission: to provide the highest quality care in the best possible conditions.

Word from the PUM director

At Addaman Polyclinics, the unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of Moroccan citizens constitutes the cornerstone of our mission. We warmly welcome each individual, whether they have insurance or not, and we are dedicated to providing them with unparalleled quality care in a setting that is both secure and comfortable. Our fees are scrupulously aligned with national reference rates, thus affirming our desire to make high-quality medical care accessible to all.


Our team, made up of medical and paramedical professionals of impeccable qualification and unfailing dedication, works day after day to provide exceptional quality care. We take legitimate pride in exercising our profession with exemplary rigor and responsibility, thereby perpetuating the prestigious heritage of Addaman Polyclinics at the service of the Moroccan community for more than six decades.


The excellence of the care provided within our establishments is reinforced by the use of the latest generation equipment and the dedication of nursing staff who combine technical expertise and remarkable human qualities. Each patient benefits from treatment marked with the greatest consideration and particular attention, which illustrates our commitment to excellence in all its forms in the exercise of our profession.

Dr. Redwan Frej

Director of the medical unit department

History and values

Since 1979, the CNSS has extended its scope of intervention to the creation of several multidisciplinary medical units open to all Moroccan citizens. 13 polyclinics located in different cities in the Kingdom, which offer technical platforms to cover a large number of medical-surgical activities, both in the context of hospitalization and for outpatient consultations and explorations.

In 2023, the CNSS Polyclinics were renamed Addaman Polyclinics in order to mark a new era and confirm the fundamentals of this institution which places the patient at the heart of its mission.


Trust is the prerequisite for any lasting relationship. For more than 40 years, we have maintained this relationship of trust with our doctors, our patients and our partners, and strive every day to live up to our commitments.

High standards

We are aware of the responsibility that falls upon us as a leading national health actor. This is why our standards are reflected in the quality of our services, from reception to examination.


We are open to all Moroccan citizens and apply the national reference rate in order to guarantee our patients quality services at affordable prices.

Key figures

Addaman polyclinics have technical platforms meeting the most demanding standards, and allow patients to be taken care of in the best possible conditions.


Each polyclinic is managed by a Medical Director who is supported in his tasks by a Head of General Administration.

The 13 healthcare establishments are placed under the authority of the Medical Units Pole which manages them and reports to General Management.

Our treatment offers